Why our Program?

Why the Florida Surfing Association’s Endless Summer Programs?

We know that there are many surf camps to choose from these days. When we founded our organization in 2003 we were considered one of the pioneers on the East Coast. Now there are many local surf camps  to choose from. 


Because we offer the Best Surf Camp Experience!

No kidding! We have been doing these camps for years. We guarantee a fun filled week at surf camp. We have the most experienced staff of surf instructors. Don’t believe us? Ask some of the parents of former surf campers. We let our reputation speak for itself. Check out our testimonials. Begin your search for the perfect Surf Camp!


We have over 50 years of experience in the surf industry and have developed and perfected our teaching methods. This is one of the only surf camps run by a professional surf contest coordinator (East Coast Surf Championship). Camp Director Paul West has devoted his life to introducing people to surfing and improving their skills. 

Today many of our former students are winning competitions nationwide. Check out our testimonial page.

One big difference between our camp and others is the beach we use. Our locations are some of the best surf breaks in North Florida.  We also have a sandy bottomed beach break to teach that is ideal for the first time surfer.

Another aspect that separates us from other camps is that some of our instructors are adults many of whom are or once were professional surfers themselves. Our instructors work with the students in small well-structured groups to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. We have developed a strong reputation via word of mouth and through community service. We are very active with Silent Surfers, Special Olympics as well as The Wounded Warrior Project (Surf Warriors).

Be sure and do your research when choosing a surf camp. Ask questions about group sizes, instructor to student ratios, qualifications of the instructors, crowd factors, the beach they use,  camp supervision and anything other questions you can think of.

Check out our FAQ page for the most frequently questions are asked. We have been in the surf camp business for several years and we try to keep our prices c ompetitive with other surf camps. Due to our increases in costs, our camp price has to be raised at times but we still see ourselves as the best bargain for what we offer in a quality staff that runs a quality program year after year. You pay for what you get. We hope to surf with you this summer. If not stop by our camp for a meet and greet or visit with some of our campers and perhaps get in the water yourself. Aloha!