:: DIRECTOR – Paul West
An East Coast Legend and has over 32 years of surf industry experience. Paul has also traveled internationally for many years as a Surfing Ambassador promoting the sport of surfing in a positive way.  He is an excellent role model in all respects and loves to share his knowledge of the ocean with others. Paul has been introducing the sport of surfing to people for virtually his entire life and he hopes to help you fulfill your surfing dreams. He is very active in the community, not only locally but worldwide.  

• Administrator of national and global surfing   events for 32 years

• US Surfing Championships – 16 years

• East Coast Surfing Championships – 30 years

• Pan American Surfing Championships – 10 years

• Current President of the Florida Surfing Association delivering regional and state-level contests, as well as supporting several non-profit programs.

• Silent Surfers / Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind

• Wounded Warrior Project

• Special Olympics

• Former Vice President of the International Surfing Association

Paul has been surfing for 40 years.  He competed in various local, national and international competitions for over 25 years.  He has coached many successful amateur and professional surfers in numerous competitions around the world.