Phone Number

(904) 626-9090

Our Mission

The Florida Surfing Association was created in 2003 as an organized body for surfing within the United States and specifically the State of Florida. Our mission is to further the sport of surfing to our members, their families and throughout the State of Florida. Our pride comes with nurturing the communities that we live in and offering programs that encompass our passion for surfing and the enrichment of individuals through the sport. We administer competitions, training, and coaching to establish and select members to compete successfully on a local, national and international level in both amateur and professional competitions.

Our Commitment

To ensure that our mission lives to its fullest potential, we seek partnerships that are committed to the same core values as the FSA:

  • Providing service, leadership, and a strong competitive program as a foundation to its members.
  • Developing consistent, open communication with all other amateur and professional surfing organizations.
  • Promoting the acceptance of surfing in the United States as a legitimate competitive sport.
  • Encouraging diversity by offering programs and competitions to surfers of all genders, races, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities and abilities.
  • Providing scholarship and educational programs.
  • Offering coaching and training for beginning as well as advanced athletes.
  • Offering training for judges, coaches and athletes.
  • Offering agency and management services to assist athletes in gaining sponsorships and or managing a professional career in the sport of surfing.

Quick Facts

  • The FSA offers monthly contests with experienced, qualified judges, a well-organized 4-man heat format, rankings to compete in state championships and additional instruction of both beginner and professional athletes.
  • Higher profile FSA events include Pro/Am contests with the opportunity for amateurs to surf against established professionals. These contests are the perfect chance to hone skills and win a pro purse while on break from the tour, or when looking for a professional contest experience.
  • The Tri-Yearly FSA Super Gromfest event encourages kids to stay active and healthy through the sport of surfing. Kids 10 and under receive free “push and surf “lessons from the pros and medals for participating.
  • Surfing offers a safe and fun activity for those who are affected with special needs. Our partnerships with Surfers for Autism and the Special Olympics give kids the chance for social engagement and healthy activity while in the water. These rewarding programs rely on the support of volunteers and the community to increase awareness of special needs and to fund research in the causes, prevention, treatment and cure of related disorders.
  • Justin Quintal, avid FSA supporter and competitor, is now one of the most well-known professional longboard surfers in the United States.
  • Eric Taylor, Wesley DeSouza, Amy Nichol and Mallory Turner, all FSA surfers, were on the US Team last year when they went to Brazil to compete in the Pan American Surfing Association’s Collegiate Championships. The team won the Silver Medal.
  • Chris Ropero, Sebastian Moreno, Amy Nichol and Mallory Turner have all been selected to represent the United States in the upcoming PASA Collegiate Championships in Venezuela in February 2011.
  • Piper Austin, a young surfer from Jacksonville, Florida, received considerable experience and training from the FSA in 2010. She made her first surf trip outside the State of Florida to the East Coast Surfing Championships in Virginia Beach as an amateur and placed second in her amateur division and placed in the semi-finals in the professional division. She just turned 15 years old.
  • Kayla Durden, one of the most successful young surfers in Florida, consistently wins the FSA events as well as several other professional and amateur divisions all over the United States.
  • Athletes with a long list of accomplishments that have all participated in the FSA include Jody Davis, Asher Nolan, Ryan Briggs, the Thompson brothers, Jeff Crego, Ryan Rippko, Corey Sapp, Garret Carmichael, Mitch Kaufmann, Jason Motes, Karina Petroni, Kayla Beckmann and Lindsey Baldwin.